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We have created a rating of the best gambling sites, where only reliable and safe gambling establishments are presented. Choose the right one for you. Do not forget to read the overview of the gaming club you have chosen to learn about its advantages and disadvantages. Pay special attention to complaints from players. Our team has collected all the information about each online casino presented, we have a story to tell. Our goal is to provide an honest assessment so that you can enjoy casino games. Give it a try, leave feedback and share your impressions with us! 18+ Money on the site is not accepted, the site is for informational purposes only

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Here we will try to provide a complete list of gambling topics

We have collected and tested hundreds of licensed gaming clubs on the planet

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                                                                                                                          How long did it take us?

We spend about 20 hours researching the first online casino, at best if the casino has an impressive reputation. It usually takes much longer to research it. Our team monitors gambling clubs around the world: we analyze Russian and international forums, make sure of the objectivity of claims, research intermediary sites and reviews, the history of the casino and its club activities in all countries of the world.

Our task is to collect reliable information about casinos, bookmakers, lottery sites and give him an objective assessment of what he deserves. And only then do they make it to the top of the best online casinos in 2020.                  

The site does not organize gambling for money, does not accept payments from users and does not pay out winnings, this is not a casino. All information on the site is presented for informational purposes only, not advertising. The site is not intended for activities prohibited by Federal Law No. 224 “On State Regulation of Activities for the Organization and Conduct of Gambling and on Introduction to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.


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